A virus has been released into the population. We don't have all the facts but we believe we have located the makeshift laboratory of the individual responsible.

We believe that the scientist who created this virus has fled in a hurry as we were closing in. He didn't have time to shut down his lab. We need someone brave enough to go in and search for clues to reverse the effects of this devastating disease. This is our best and last chance to stop the spread.

Using the information we were able to gather through intercepted communications we believe that this individual hid valuable information behind a series of puzzles. We don't have much time. We're counting on you to save the city.


Your team of special agents is tasked with an impossible mission. The evil organization Spektrum has made off with a priceless item and you must recover it before they close in on you. 

All you have to work with is a Spektrum agent's briefcase and some criminal files. Can you work with your team of to recover the missing item and deliver it to our agent in the field?

Did we mention that our field agents are potentially compromised? Who can you trust? That's up to you to find out.