What is a MEGA Escape?

In a traditional escape room a group of players uses clues available to them to solve their way through a locked room in a set amount of time.

In a MEGA escape multiple teams of players uses identical sets of clues along with stations around a large room to achieve a specific task. Teams not only compete against the clock but also against other groups for bragging rights to be the first to solve all the puzzles and beat the game.

There is no better and more streamlined way to incorporate an escape room into your event.

A mega escape event can help add excitement to any event. We can provide entertainment to any size group in a convenient 1 hour window. Teams will be challenged with traditional escape room puzzles but on a scale that is anything but ordinary. Groups finish our games feeling more socially connected, engaged, and most importantly energized.

Speak with us about what your vision is for your event. Learn about one of our existing themes or go bold and have our creative team design and build a game from scratch to fit your event's theme. All games are designed to be accessible for all experience levels and our helpful game leaders will make sure everyone has a great time.

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2. Our Themes

Mission: Possible - Agent Unknown 

Groups from 20-500


Your teams are a group of special agents working to stop a criminal syndicate known as Spektrum. Teams are tasked with working to recover stolen goods. They need to return the stolen goods to an agent in the field. Can your group be the first one that figures out who they can trust and make the delivery?


All players compete at the same time in this spy themed game. Player items include a briefcase with a hidden compartment, a black light puzzle, secret messages to decode and many other spy themed tasks.

MEGA Escape! 

Up to 500 players at once!


The Golden Ticket

Groups from 20-500


The great candy maker has revealed his plan to let 5 children tour his magical factory. He is sending out 5 golden tickets hidden in chocolate bars to 5 lucky children. However one of the bars has gone missing before it has even left the factory. The candy maker has decided that the promotion must be canceled unless your team can find the golden ticket before the shipment is scheduled to leave. 


All players compete at the same time in this candy factory themed game. Player items include a golden egg and egg scale, a candy ingredient wall, giant lollipops and even a real candy shop with a helpful candy man.

3. Get In Touch

We would love to learn more about your event and what you have in mind. For us no job is the same as another. Fill out our contact form below or give us a call and one of our game planners will be in touch to help figure out what we can do to make your event one that will amaze your guests!

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